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A complete 2 Part dosing system, inorganic and ionically balanced.


DUO supplies the essential main elements required for a successful reef aquarium. Extremely ionically balanced Very stable 1 : 1 dosing Raises and stabilises pH Unique to Oceamo and its design is total controllability over any other method to date.


Very economical to use and a proven product throughout Europe and the UK for many years now.


Added concentrated directly or can be diluted if so required for the smaller aquarium use and or where higher accuracy is required with your dosing pumps.


Oceamo Duo is the most ionic balanced complete product you'll ever use and we all know stability is one of the major keys to a successful Reef Aquarium.


Oceamo DUO complete component 1 Oceamo DUO complete component 2 DUO is simple to use with only 2 solutions offering 1 : 1 dosage


DUO is very economical: the typical dosage is 10 ml per 100 l per day. 1 litre DUO contains

10,000 dKH units


DUO increases pH value and thus promotes coral growth


DUO also supplies strontium, boron, magnesium, potassium, fluoride, iodide, sulfate, bromide and rubidium proportionally to the aquarium


There is no ionic shift when using Oceamo DUO


The quality of DUO is meticulously checked in the Oceamo laboratory


Oceamo DUO can be optimally complemented by DUO Regulator. A & O


DUO can be flexibly supplemented with DUO add-ons a source of phosphorus and nitrogen (optimal in case of nutrient deficiency)


Winter notice: DUO KH is highly concentrated, so ingredients can crystallize at cold temperatures. DUO KH should therefore not be stored in cold temperatures.


​If crystallization has occurred (for example, during shipment), heat the DUO KH (for example, place it in the bath tub with hot water) and pan it back and forth until all ingredients have dissolved again or a microwave works very well too. Here are the most frequently asked questions about Oceamo DUO.

Duo Calcium 2 - 1000ml

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