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Only now can we be up t10000 times more accurate in the lower detection limits with the new

ICP-MS. Mass Spectrometry unique to OCEAMO where we are testing more elements than ever before.


Now we're not talking about the major elements here, but the real important stuff to Reef keepers, the stuff we simply can’t test for reliably or accurately, the micro elements and inorganic pollutants. We thought for a long time that ICP-OES analyses were reporting back with high sensitivity in these lower detection limits of micro trace elements and inorganic pollutants. It turns out that it could never do this and would only detect these, if they were already in a far too higher concentration and if it wasn't detected because of the detection limits of ICP-OES ,then it would be shown as ZERO. Of course, then the unknowing reef keeper would potentially add the elements shown as zero on their test and then and be potentially elevating these to dangerously high levels, because it was beyond the reaches of detection by the standard ICP-OES test.


With Oceamo’s new ICP-MS we can now detect the concentration of micro elements and inorganic pollutants with up to 10000 times more sensitivity than I


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