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We often observe that the total iodine value in reef aquariums is too low in our analyzes. Iodine is found in natural waters at a concentration of around 60-70 µg / liter and is essential for many living things. A lack of iodine can manifest itself, among other things, through stagnation in growth (little or no consumption of calcium and carbonate hardness) and loss of color in corals.


Iodine is introduced into the reef aquarium by feeding (or by balling solutions), but this is often not sufficient to maintain a healthy iodine content. Since iodine is consumed or discharged quickly, we recommend a regular dosage of 2-3 times a week. Since iodine consumption can fluctuate greatly from basin to basin, a regular check is recommended.


Oceamo iodine supplement is a pure, bio-available iodine source. 1 ml increases the iodine content in 100 l aquarium water by 50 µg / l. Typical dosage: 0.5 ml / 100l 1-2 times a week.


Oceamo iodine is productive: for a 400 liter aquarium, the range of a 250 ml packaging unit is 15 months.


Like all of our water additives, the iodine supplement also undergoes strict quality control in our laboratory using ICP-OES. - Quality "made in Austria".

Iodine - 250ml

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