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With Oceamo Regulator, your reef aquarium is optimally supplied with inorganic trace elements (by regulator A) and organic nutrients and iodine (regulator O). - The alpha and omega of the extended reef supply! ​


Together, Regulator A and Regulator O are a strong combination and the perfect complement to the Oceamo Reef Care System DUO.


However, Regulator A + O is flexible and can therefore be used in combination with other systems such as the classical balling method or with calcium reactors.


Essential Trace element supply Balanced ratios Info: Inorganic trace elements are essential for all biological processes such as photosynthesis. Regulator A is made from high quality and pure raw materials, and the quality of each batch is scrutinized in our in house laboratory using our very own ICP-OES machine.


The result is a product that contains all the essential trace elements in a balanced concentration and bioavailable form, providing safe use within the reef aquarium. For best results, Regulator A should be combined with Regulator O.


Initial starting dosage add 0.1ml per 100 litre of aquarium volume daily to an area of strong water flow. Then increase the dosage over 3 weeks to a maximum of 0.5 ml per 100 l of aquarium volume once daily. Regulator A and O together are being extensively used with balling methods and calcium reactor run systems. This then offers a complete nutrition, amino and trace element supplementation of everything else in a balanced way. Along with ICP testing, reef keeper’s finally have a real complete supplement system

Regulator A - 1000ML

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